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Natsuko Aki was a pretty girl in her late teens that studied at St. Chapel Academy. She brought the unwanted attention of several Devil Beasts due to her good looks and kind nature.


Aki was a short girl fondly seen upon due to her beauty. Her neat hair was tied into large pigtails with two small bows.


Aki was a sweet girl and best friend with the school beauty Honey Kisaragi. She was in a lesbian relationship with the head of the schools acrobatics team Scarlet Hamano, though began to fear her after her aggressive attitude began to get to predatory.


We first see Natsuko with her girlfriend Scarlett Hamano, embracing one another as they confess their mutual love towards one another. As Hamano begins to tease Natsuko's breasts, her lover screams and points a a menacing face peering at them through the window of their third story room. Honey rushes in having heard the noise and finds the two scared girls. After calming down, Natsuko introduces Honey to Hamano.

The next night Hamano tries to comfort the frightened Natsuko, only for the pair to suddenly be attacked by a massive feline Devil Beast. Nearby Honey and the new teacher Jun Fudo overhear the screams, Jun goes ahead, while Honey stays behind to transform into Cutie Honey. Fully turned, Devilman Lady smashes down the door and chases away the feline Devil Beast, tailing after her as it flees.

In the morning Honey and Natsuko walk through the school grounds where they meet Ichigo Koyama, a competitor for Natsuko's affection. After they leave, Hamano approaches Koyama and bullies her, gloating of her dominance of Natsuko. That night, Koyama transforms into the feline Devil Beast from the previous night and stalks Natsuko, but she is defeated and subdued by Devilman Lady in the school grounds. In spite of this Honey still attempts to discover the beast, but is unable to with Natsuko present in her room. Natsuko hugs Honey as Hamano walks in, enraged she molests Honey's breast and tears her clothing before leaving.

In the morning Hamano again spies Honey and Natsuko in one anothers company and feels an extreme conflict of emotions, believing her partner unfaithful she goes through a similar treatment as Koyama and transforms into a large squid like Devil Beast. That night the beast smashes into Honey's room and kidnaps Natsuko. At the same time the school is attacked by the terrorist Unicorn Panther. However with the assistance of Lady, their two foes are slain and Natsuko is freed. Though the two girls promptly forget about the unconscious Natsuko afterwards.