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Naza is a minor female demoness who briefly appeared in the early stages of the original Devilman manga.


Naza was a near human demoness, with long scruffy hair, pointed elf-like ears and a large bust with a pair of menacing faces on each breast. She had dark brows and lashes and a sinister yet cute smile. 


At the request of Ryo Asuka, the young teen Akira Fudo donned the mysterious Demon Mask, and was suddenly bombarded by horrific and violent visions of the demons during the cretaceous era of Earth.

Among the many demons that Akira saw, was Naza, who could be standing prominently alongside a large crowd of demons. The crowd also included other demons such as Worat, Sirene, Tolios, Ijam, Xeed, Monan, Tolios, Tillag, Olsat, Eizar, LamicabujaKagol, Somerci, Bllan, the Unnamed Lumpy Demon and the Unnamed Female Demon and many more.


  • Naza's design is actually an early concept for the demon Bela from the anime series. Bela's final design was far different than the design that was used for Naza, though the version of Bela that appeared in Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga was a dead ringer for the early design.
  • Naza also has the proud tradition of being the first demon to feature a sexually subversive appearance in the franchise, barely Devilman pre-dating Fraless, Illuge and Texsch in appearance, in spite of their better recognition.