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Naza was a demoness in Coulcure's group.


Unlike most characters in their demonic form, Naza's body had a predominantly humanoid appearance. She had dark and relatively short unkempt hair, noticeable fangs, large pointed ears, and slightly claw-like fingers and toes. Her prominent demonic features were her living breasts which, unlike Welvath's, lacked tongues and had pupils.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although she never had an opportunity to show her combat abilities, her attack stance would imply she predominantly utilized her claws.


In Naza's first scene, she and Welvath were revealed as protectors whose presence allowed Coulcure and Coco to share some intimate time together. When Wilfre and Sirene approached, Naza and Welvath immediately jumped into action. But Coulcure told them to stand down since they were expected.

In Naza's second and final scene, she encountered Amon who approached her and Welvath. Unfortunately for Naza, she was caught completely off guard as she tried to talk to him. Amon promptly tore her breasts from her body and ate them. He did not finish her off, however, and her final scene showed her crying out in agony having also been torn in half at the waist. She likely died from her wounds and injuries soon after.




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