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Neo Devilman is a spinoff of the original Devilman manga published in 1999. There were 18 chapters with each being written and drawn by a different author (Apart from Go Nagai who wrote two). Most stories taking place during the events of the original manga.


Story 1:

  • Revelation 8 by Lazy Hagiwara: In a meeting shortly before the final war between the Devilmen and the Demons, Satan meets with Akira for a game of chess and attempts to justify his actions.

Story 2:

  • Story 2 by Tatsuya Egawa: Expanding on the story of Mico, from her fusion with Tollg to her torture at the hands of Dr. Rainuma and her experiences during the final war.

Story 3: 

  • Story 3 by Tatsuya Erada: Akira finds the corpse of a woman on the ground and proceeds to have sex with it, until the corpse reveals itself to be a demon with ill intent.

Story 4:

  • Story 4 by Ken Ishikawa: A young Devilman named Agira battles his way through the urban wastelands of Tokyo, slowly building in strength and power as he is guided by Akira Fudo.

Story 5:

  • Story 5 by Go Nagai: During the final moments between Satan and Akira, the Angel recollects his first memories of meeting Fudo and how their relationship evolved from there.

Story 6:

Story 7:

  • Story 7 by Hitoshi Iwaaki: A young man named Masaru finds both his family and local community turn against him with the reveal of demons to the world and the incensed paranoia that grew from it.

Story 8:

  • Medaille by Noriko Nagano: Akira finds himself flung back in time to Nazi occupied Germany, where he encounters a young Devilman named Anne, struggling to retain her humanity after the atrocities she had experienced.

Story 9:

Story 10:

  • Eurynome by Akihiko Takadera: Police detective Takashi Tamon struggles with his perceived humanity after a triggering encounter with Texsch leaves him vulnerable to demon possession, as he simultaneously hunts down a vicious serial murder. The only clue being four deep claw marks found at the scenes of violence.

Story 11

  • Darling by Kazuko Yumeno: Michiko Aizawa, a shy and conservative girl struggles both with her sad family life and a one-sided crush on her kind-hearted class mate, Akira Fudo.

Story 12

  • Story 12 by Noburu Miyama: A rich business man chosen seemingly at random and kidnapped by lesser demons who bring him to their realm, where he is repeatedly taunted by demons led by Sphinx, has visions of the future and slowly looses his humanity, culminating in a battle with Akira Fudo.

Story 13

  • Dream by Miki Tori: When schoolboy Tadashi Mochizuki discovers the class bantam slaughtered early one morning, suspicions of the culprit spread fast among both the children and the faculty. Tadashi's teacher Miss. Shindo struggles with her own suspicions among her own perversions and a ever growing feeling sense of general unease emanating from the world around her.

Story 14

  • MK23 Woman by Shinobu Kaze: Feared demon hunter Kozuki Mami hunts down a particularly fearsome devil named Rokudo, responsible for killing and eating both her parents and taking her fiance, Shinichi hostage. Rokudo senses a strong psychic power within Mami and sets on a scheme to acquire it.

Story 15

Story 16

  • Story 16  by Masaomi Kanzaki: Having given up on humanity after the violent death of Miki Makimura, Akira Fudo kidnaps several of his past tormentors from his days as a human, and leaves them as bait for hungry demons, then after finding suitable demons, would steal their limbs to serve as potential replacements for Miki's lost body parts.

Story 17

  • Story 17 by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko: Set before the tragic events of the main story take place, overly imaginative schoolboy Tobira Jidou imagines a fantasy in which he rescues his classmate Miki Makimura from the foul and perverse clutches of a teacher demon.

Story 18


  • There is misconception that Katsuhiro Otomo (the creator of Akira) wrote a story for Neo Devilman. When, in fact, he had no involvement whatsoever.