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The untitled fifth story of Neo Devilman is the first of two by Go Nagai. Parts of it was integrated into the Revised Edition of the main Devilman manga.


The final battle between Akira Fudo and Satan is beginning. Demons and devilmen clash at each-other. Many devilmen launch at Satan, but s/he emits a light that eliminate them. Akira, riding Agira, and Satan, riding Caliorruar, face one another.

A flashback is shown to Akira and Ryo Asuka's first meeting. It's revealed that Akira's memories of their childhood friendship are fake.

Cut back to the battle where the demons are using nuclear weapons against the devilmen. Multiple go up all over the earth.

Another flash back: Akira and Ryo are climbing a mountain. Upon reaching the top they both comment on the beauty of the earth.

Back in the present Agira and Caliorruar simultaneously defeat each other and die. Satan flies up into the atmosphere and Akira follows him. In desperation Satan shoots a ray of light at Akira. It cuts him in half and he falls to the ground. Satan starts to cry as s/he realizes what s/he has done.


  • Akira Fudo: The leader of the Devilman Corps, once the best freind of Satan when s/he was still known as Ryo Asuka, after the death of several of his friends and adopted family his past friendship turns to hate and spite for Satan. Satan however was deeply in love with him.
  • Satan: The beautiful twelve winged Angel and child of God, after rescuing the Demon race from extinction and awakening from hibernation s/he falls in love with the human boy Akira Fudo, and in his/her rashness kills what s/he loved.
  • Agira: A massive aviant Devilman, a fusion of hundreds of different Devilmen, Akira uses him as he goes to fight with Satan for the final time.
  • Caliorruar: A gigantic golden hydra demon, he is used by Satan in the final battle against Akira.
  • Mikiko Kawamoto: A young female Devilman, seen briefly fighting demons with her projectile acids.