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Neruys was a member of Magistrum's demonic court, and a minor character in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Neruys was a humanoid demon, he had a large mass of tendrils coming from the back of his head, blank eyes and a bird like beak. Across his body were smaller blackened tendrils.


Neruys was among the demons that plucked the young French martyr Jeanne D'Arc out of her own time, and into their own bizarre dimension of the Hellgate, wherein the demons, led by Magistrum, put her on trial for trying to bring an end to the 100 Year War.

Neruys spent most of the trial watching from afar until the trials conclusion. After she had been tied up, he and several other demons are commanded by Magistrum to remove her armour, and strip her naked. They are stopped in their actions however, by the sudden arrival of Akira Fudo who challenges Magistrum's court. Many demons fled and others battled, and quickly died to Fudo, whatever happened to Neruys is unknown.