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Nike (ニケ Nike?) was a beautiful female demon who was a former lover of the demon hero, Amon. She is a antagonist in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Nike was a beautiful demoness who closely resembled Miki Makimura in regards to her facial and body structure. She had long blonde hair, large feathered white wings coming out of her back, and wore a loose fitting robe around her body.


Nike could fly with her wings. Nike has the unique ability to conjure up weapons from points in time including rifles and rocket launchers.


Nike had gave weapons from the future to the people of Samothrace to create war and distort the timeline. However, one aspect that stands out was how she loved with the mighty demon hero Amon. It seemed to have been close as even Akira Fudo felt attraction towards her, in part due to her likeness to Miki.


Nike was encountered by Ryo Asuka and Akira Fudo when traveling time and they ended up in Samothrace, where they witness Nike giving machine guns for the people so they could fight and defend themselves. Akira transforms midway and flies at Nike to confront her but she sees him and calls him out as a demon, to which the people open fire on him.

However, Akira blows them away from gusts of wind via his wings. Nike flies away in retreat with Akira catching up and transforms into his full Devilman form. Nike turns and pauses thinking it is her past love Amon only to have her arm torn off, she falls to the rocks below where Akira follows. She tries to talk to Amon saying how they used to love each other and is nearly successful in reawakening Amon, but Ryo who had been watching sneaks up behind and decapitates her with a sword. as Nike's headless body would later be known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace.