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Noel Makimura (牧村ノエル Makimura Noeru?) is Miki and Taro's father he is the husband to Akiko.


Noel is a middle aged Caucasian man with dusty blonde hair, a lighter coloured moustache and goatee, jungle green eyes, and was average height and build.


Noel Makimura was a kind man who considers Akira as a member of his family due to his parents' long absence. As a devout Christian, he would believe in the values of his faith, saying grace while using sayings from the bible to teach moral lessons to his family. As such he had a belief that devils were evil and that god favors the virtuous. However, his son Taro becomes a demon and can't control his hunger, to the point of eating his own mother; but when he saw his father Taro was able to cry. Noel tries to defend his son from the gunmen after his faith has shaken.


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