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Ocunnup was a minor demon from the Devilman manga, who appeared towards the start.


Ocunnup was a small reptile like demon, with a large mouth on his back layered with sharp teeth. He had small eyes and walked on all fours.


Ocunnup could use the jaws on his back as a form of defence or sharp toothy attack.


At the request of Ryo Asuka, the young Akira Fudo donned the mysterious Demon Mask, where upon he was instantly bombarded by bizarre visions of strange, arcane demons during the Cretaceous era of Earth.

Among the demons Fudo saw, was Ocunnup, who was seen among a small group of demons that also included Kadaloph. His group was descending down upon another small group which included EztumnKobikUrigaros and Onkazar. Presumably a fight broke out just after.