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Odom was a large demon that hada minor role in the origonal 'Devilman' manga. He was captured by the Anti-Demon Corps and subjected to tests by Dr. Rainuma.


Odom was a large devil with its body covered shaggy black fur. It had clawed hands, with long finders. It's head had vaugely moth-like features, with pointed ears, a spotted forehead and large bulging eyes. Two fluffy antenna sprouted from the top of his head, and a small pair of mandibles in its toothy jaws.


Odom had large claws and spiked mandibles for close combat. It could also spew a hypnotic pollen that could control the minds of his victims.


Sometime after Lord Zennon commenced the demon attack on humanity with their reveal, the bear-moth Odom was captured by members of the Anti-Demon Corps and was brought to their laboratory in Hokkaido.

Odom was kept it in a large sealed cage for a while, and was subject to experiments carried out by Dr. Rainuma. Eventually Rainuma developed a special acidic bullet, pulled from the acids of a Devilman named Mico. Arming a pair of heavily armed Demon Busters with the new weaponry, Rainuma decided to unleash Odom to test the the experimental gear on.

A door slides open and Odom walks through from the dark of his cell. The demon launches himself at the two Demon Busters as soon as he see's them, but is suddenly shot by the acidic bullets that cause the demon to reel in pain before suddenly beginning to melt. The second of the two Demon Busters then burns the corpse with their flamethrower.