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Odom in The Devilman artbook

Odom was a large humanoid demon that first appeared in the original 'Devilman'. They possessed a great strength and size, and could emit a mind controlling pollen.

  • Odom (Manga): Here Odom was a demon that had been captured by the Anti-Demon Special Corps where it was kept under lock and key for experimentation, before he was killed by a pair of Demon Busters, testing out new weaponry.
  • Odom (Gekiman!): Here Odom shares the same role he did in the original story.
  • Odom (DvG): Odom was a member of Sirene's army, and attacked the Saotome Institute alongside the others.
  • Odom (Grimoire): Odom was a soldier of Atrocious' army. He took part during his general's final attack and tried to use his pollen's to destroy Miki Makimura. He failed.