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Omitsu was a ancient Devilman and a character in the Devilman Lady manga.


Before turning into a Devilman she was a beautiful young Japanese girl, however due to her long and lengthy life her beauty had deteriorated, in her devil beast form her eyes formed into one and her teeth were long and sharp and she had a thin pair of wings connecting to her arms and legs.

Powers and Abilities[]

Omitsu being a Devilman had extreme prolonged life, her wings gave her flight, she could grow claws from her hands and used her teeth to suck blood, but she did this only in extreme circumstances.


During the Sengoku Era, Omitsu was the daughter of the chief of the Kugatsu Villiage, when a group of Christian missionaries came to the village she fell in love with one of them, a man named Juliano who had also fallen in love with her. However, the people of the village were against their romance and tried to split them up, so late one night Omitsu and Juliano attempted to flee. They got a good distance before her father and a group of the villages men stopped them, they kill Juliano and bury him, marking his grave with a rock. However, over the next few weeks Juliano who had reemerged from his grave as a Devilman, went on a bloody rampage and killed all the villagers apart from Omitsu, together they repopulated the village with their young, however Juliano eventually died of a unknown cause and Omistu was left to lead the village on her own. In respect to Juliano she converted to Christianity and became a nun.

Later the H.A contacted Lan Asuka and Jun Fudo telling them about several bodies found at the Kugatsu Hot Springs, they go undercover posing as guests at the hot springs, they notice a church when they arrive and later that night go to investigate, they see Omitsu talking to several of her followers trying to convince them not to kill so many people and only to do so when necessary, however one of them notices Lan and Jun through a window and they go into a frenzy they chase the two, Jun transforms into Devil Lady and starts to battle them, allowing for Lan to safely escape. After Jun finally manages to kill the attacking Devilbeasts, Omitsu confronts her, she transforms and leaps at Jun, however she is knocked down in a single hit. She calls out Juliano's name before dying.