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Onemamac was a minor demon sent among many by Zennon to assist Sirene. He appeared briefly in the original Devilman manga.


Onemamac was a thin demon with chiselled carapace-like body. He had hair around his crotch area that carried down to his spiked knees, and a insect-like head with large blank eyes. On his left arm was a long thin blade, a sharp claw on his right.


Onemamac was an agile demon and had a large blade on his arm to battle foes, using it to cut them down and slice them to pieces.


After a violent and bloody beating at the hands of Devilman, Sirene fled into the woods fearing for her life, begging Lord Zennon for help. He responded by sending down a small group of demons to hopefully stop Devilman in his tracks.

Among the demons was Onemamac. The insect-like devil attacks Devilman, leaping from a bush surprising his enemy. But Devilman grabs him, leaps up, and impales Onemamac on a broken tree top, pulling down with full force and killing the insect devil.