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Oobaru was a minor demon from the original Devilman manga, who appeared briefly towards the start.


Ooobaru had a distorted and ugly face with a stubby nose, sunken eyes with dark markings around them, and a crooked smile. Atop his head was a moulded looking bird with wings and eyes, he had a fin going down his head.


After donning the mysterious Demon Mask at the request of Ryo Asuka, the young Akira Fudo was suddenly bombarded by visions of the demons in the Cretaceous era of Earth.

Among the many demons Fudo saw was Oobaru, who could be seen standing among a crowd, which also included Kobik, Zoumue, Jilot, Dunkan, Arubirou, Mosque, Jilot, Hegaritar, Rogot, Ninote, Ledak, Sidos, the Unnamed Fuzzball Demon, the Unnamed Tadpole Demon and the Unnamed Crazy-Eyed Demon.

A bit later on, shortly before entering the underground Black Sabbath, Oobaru appears in another group shot, now silhouetted, as Akira agrees to attempt to merge with a demon with Ryo.