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The Ostrich Gang was a group of delinquent bullying schoolgirls that would frequently get into trouble with the law.



Late one night, the Ostrich Gang was seen waiting for their former associate Mico to cross their path. When she finally does, they approach and try to coerce her into helping them rob a home, she says no however and flees from them. They attempt to follow, but prove to be to slow compared to Mico.

The next day as Mico wearily walks to school, the two unnamed members catch up to Mico, and inform her that Gusuko was arrested the nights prior, Mico offers no apologies and she insults them before carrying on her way to school. This pisses them off and they hold her up against a wall, they strip off her clothing in a attempt to humiliate her, however they are repulsed when they see the demon Tollg attached to her body, now enraged she sprays the girls in Tollg's acid causing them to burn away in full view of the public.



  • The Ostrich Gang appears in a chapter of The Abashiri Family where they are again a bullying gang. They end up dying at the hands of Naojiro Abashiri, getting squashed in a single slap of his hands.