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Oysnas was a minor caterpillar-like demon that unintentionally proved to be the catalyst for the events in the manga 'Shin Devilman'.


The demon resembled a massive caterpillar, he had several arms going down his body, it had small black sunken eyes and several small antenna on his head. A large black lump tipped his tail.


Oysnas could burrow underground and excrete poisons as he did so.


Oysnas had been lurking the grounds of Ryo Asuka's home for some time, excreting poisons as he did so and had been causing all the plants and trees to wilt and die. Akira Fudo noticed the changes to the garden and sussed out that a demon was responsible.

Akira enters Ryo's bedroom, and at the same time the caterpillar demon breaks through the floor and attacks. However it proves to be a humiliatingly quick fight as Akira transforms and lights Oysnas on fire before tossing him through the roof, killing him. While a easy fight, the effects of the attack cause Ryo to have a panic attack, and both he and Fudo are pulled into the Timeslip.