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Ozott was a large ant-like demon who appeared twice briefly in the original Devilman manga, towards the start.


Ozott was a large demon resembling a humanoid insect. He had a large pair of mandibles attached to the side of his head and a smaller set of antenna below. Ozott's eyes were large and plate-like, he had a thin pointed nose, and a set of sharp teeth. He had spiked shoulders and clawed fingers, his body had a large thorax-like mass underneath his waste in which his legs and tail sprouted from.


Ozott's colossal mandible-like horns seemed to have the potential to crush, twist and smash through whatever he could snare.


Shortly after subjecting his friend Akira Fudo to the arcane visions of the Demon Mask, Ryo Asuka began explaining the origins and natures of the looming demon menace to Akira. Slowly the pages turn to a dark vision of the frozen Himilayan Mountains, where the wicked ant Ozott could be seen bursting out of his icy tomb to cause his own brand of ant themed chaos.

Shortly thereafter, Ozott appears a second time, now among a larger crowd of demons, including many that had been seen across the prior pages.

Not long before entering the underground Black Sabbath, Ozott appears in another group shot, now silhouetted, as Akira agrees to attempt to merge with a demon with Ryo.