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Pazuzu is a demon working under Lilith in preparation for Atun's arrival, serving as her muscle.


Pazuzu resembles a bipedal manticore with a lion-like head with red eyes, a horn protruding from the forehead with yellow upper body fur and humanoid arms. On its legs is brown fur with a scorpion tail coming out near the back, talons for feet, and occasionally a white snake-like appendage comes out of the groin area.


Pazuzu is similar to many other demons as a cruel Social Darwinist that sees humans as weak. As such he only follows the strong, working for Lilith if only for a chance to serve the exceptionally powerful Atun and a chance to fight Amon. Pazuzu had respected Amon's prowess until he was overcome by a human criticizing the human during their fight.


Pazuzu serves as muscle for the tasks given to him by Lilith, as such he is a powerful fighter that can easily overpower most enemies. His wings allow him to fly and perform aerial attacks. He is able to use a special form of telekinesis, able to move objects as large as tree, break them apart into spikes, and throw them at enemies. At times he uses his extra snake appendage to restrain enemies.


Pazuzu appeared when Lilith attacked a convenience store clerk, possessing and taking the man's body in his image. Lilith tasked him with dealing with the interference of Devilman. After Lilith left, he was confronted by Akira Fudo who Pazuzu recognizes as the one who took over Amon. As Akira became Devilman, they fought while exchanging blows with each other. At the end though, Devilman defeated Pazuzu by cutting him in half.


Pazuzu is the name of an Assyrian and Babylonian king of wind demons with Pazuzu being the demon of the Southwest Wind that bring famine and locusts. The character also possesses the physical depictions of the demon it is based on.


  • Pazuzu's battle against Devilman shares similarities with the battle between Sirene and Devilman in the manga:
    • Pazuzu gets shot by Ryo Asuka at long-range distance.
    • Pazuzu is viciously wounded by Devilman, and as such is forced to hurl pointy tipped logs at Devilman in hopes of stopping him.