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Empress Persephone was the wife of Lord Hades, the Emperor of Darkness and ruler over a vast scape of land held within a Hellish dimension. Persephone ruled over the land while her husband was absent from the throne in his fight against the Great Mazinger.


Persephone was a gorgeous woman, she had long and bouncy blonde hair that hung freely. She wore clothing that exposed her midriff and arms, and squashed together to do its best in showing of her cleavage. She wore a long white skirt on her lower half, slitted on the sides to expose her legs.


Persephone gave the impression of being quite out of her depth in her position of ruling during her husbands absence, needng to contantly be coddled and calmed by her council. She tried her best to stay strong however, and seemed in good favour with the men that oversaw her. She was deeply in love with her husband, and had been for sometime before her sudden death.


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