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Persona is the very first chapter of the manga Devilman Grimoire by Takato Rui. It was a short preview only 10 pages long, coming out a month before the initial series, however it took place during the events of the tenth chapter.


Late one night three people who had met online get together at a bar. Susumu, Sachi Irma (Illuge) and Mr. Death-Mask (Jinmen).

They drink late into the night until Sachi gets incredibly drunk and Susumu vouches to take her home and the three depart, however Susumu had the intention of raping her.

Even later that night Sachi is seen in an underground railway waiting for the train when she is approached by Mr. Death-Mask approaches her and tells her that he knew who she was from her scent and that Susumu was dead, and in a flashback it shows Susumu's decapitated head. The two transform into their demon forms and battle, sadly however Jinmen proves to be far too strong for her and starts to rip her apart and eats her, adding her to his shell.


  • Illuge: The main character, she was the self proclaimed Queen of the Harpies, however after Sirene died she had been living with Aleda.
  • Jinmen: A large sadistic turtle demon who would slowly kill people however would restore them and add them to his shell.
  • Susumu: A boy in his late teens/early twenties, who on the outside pretended to be a nice guy, was in fact just nice so he could have sex with girls, this later proves to be his downfall.
  • Amon: The main character of the series, briefly seen atop of Tokyo Tower in deep thought.
  • Aleda: Illuge's best friend, she was briefly seen in her human form.


  • Illuge merged with a woman named Sachi Irma, the Grimoire version of Sachiko who was also added to Jinmen's shell.
  • Susumu and Sachi are actually older versions of two characters from the origonal manga who were both children and who both died painfully.
  • Susumu is decapitated like his origonal version and Sachi/Illuge is added to Jinmens shell like the origonal.
  • The scene with Amon sitting atop Tokyo Tower in deep thought is based on a scene in the ending credits of the anime series.


  • Illuge kills Susumu in the Neo Getter Hotel.
  • The station Illuge and Jinmen fight at is named Dynamic Station.