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Piccolos was a member of the satanist cult working to resurrect Dante. He is a supporting character in the 'Demon Lord Dante' anime series.


In his demon form Piccolos is Centauroid, with olive green skin, black fur on his legs and I light blond mane of wild long hair that extended from the top of his head, across his entire body. His head was goblin like with red compound eyes and pointy ears.

In his human form, Piccolos had green eyes and dirtier blond hair. In his human form he normally wore the same black robes as the other satanists but when he abducted Saori he wore a dark green coat with red cuffs and a red collar.


In his demon form Piccolos is shown to be able to breathe fire. While kidnapping Saori, he also demonstrated a degree of psychic power, being able to make the friend she was with forget about having met with Saori.


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  • Piccolos is based off of a satanist who featured prominently in the original manga.
  • Piccolos' demon form was seemingly derived from Judah Hiroka.
  • The reason why Piccolos was shortened to Pico in the English Dub is unclear, although it's possible it was done to avoid confusion with Piccolo of Dragon Ball fame.