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Plant Devilbeast
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearnce Devil Lady Vol. ???
Species Devilbeast
Physical attributes
Powers Plant Manipuation
aligenment Evil

The unnamed Plant Devilbeast was a minor Devilman  from Devilman Lady.


In his human form the Plant Devilbeast was a short, dumpy and fat man. However in his Devilbeast form he was several meters tall and was draped in controllable vines.

Powers and Abilites[]

It could control all the vines on its body like artificial arms. It could also psychically conect with other plants and use them like homing beacons.


He is first seen at night, tying and gagging a woman in its vines and pulling her into his body where he ate her or turned her in to a plant like him.

Later Jun Fudo stops off a a small florists in the mountains, a small shop worker comes out and tells her about a new type of genetically enginered plant. Jun buys one and leaves.


Later whilst in a hotel the plant comes to life and starts to grope her. Then the shop worker from earlier comes in throguh the window and transforms into the Plant Devilbeast. He gets onto the bed with Jun and tries to rape her but Akira Fudo in his Devil Mask form blasts through the window, grabs him and quickly kills the Devilbeast despite its pleading protests.