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Polpclame is a large squid like demon with a pulpy head. He was a minor character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Polpclame had a bulbous vein covered head, with his small pupiless eyes underneath. He has a large mass of tentacles in place of arms and legs.


Polpclame is shown to be capable of flight and had several tentacles.


Polpclame is first seen in illusions among other demons, created by the Medusa as she tried to get Ryo Utsugi to remember his true origins as the demon king, Dante. Polpclame was seen several time among the groups of devils.

Later after Utsugi had accepted his true identity as Dante, the newly invigorated demon lord gathered his army to fight against the forces of God, among these soldiers was Polpclame, who is seen flying through the air among the demons who answer his call.