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The Pretty Boy Delinquent was a minor character seen at the beginning of the 'Devilman Lady' chapter 'The Mouth of the Truth'.


He had dark chin length hair with his trimmed straight across fringe reaching just above his long eyebrows. He wore a dark thin strapped tank top covered by a camo T-shirt. He possessed a messenger bag held on his right shoulder, and multiple bangles on his right wrist.


The boy was a loafer and a bit of a bully. He enjoyed hanging round at arcades, though rarely spent any money on the machines and when he did it was money he had bullied out of others.


The boy was a lay about who frequently went to the nearby arcade to hang out with his friends. While there he would loiter around and generally cause nuisance. When warned about this by the staff he relented and began spending money. It was never his own though and he would frequently bully shy or weaker patrons at the arcade for their money, among them was a young student named Mita, whom he would go to for money frequently.

Late on night, after his friends had all gone home the boy got irritable and decided to go home himself and sleep. As he walked he came through a dark alley, when he suddenly felt a dark presence above him. Looking up, he baulked at the shape of a massive spider-like thing that then dropped down and tore off his head. His body was later found the following morning.