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Professor Fikira was a Russian scientist in Devilman Crybaby who had discovered the evidence of demon kind.


Fikira was a thin man, roughly middle aged with dark hair cut short and brown eyes. He was dressed in a white collared shirt as well as cargo pants and shoes.


as Professor Fikira was researching supposed ancient demons deep in the Peruvian rain forest when he was later was possessed by a demon. He would struggled greatly trying to retain his humanity. When a fellow scientist Ryo Asuka would arrived to help in his work, as Ryo found Fikira cutting open a bird. Not long after, as he found Fikira outside covering himself in gasoline. as Fikira warns Ryo about the forthcoming dangers before setting himself on fire, killing both himself and the demon inside.


  • Fikira replaces Professor Asuka, who was Ryo's "father" in the manga series.

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