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Professor Fudo was the father of Akira Fudo in the Devilman TV anime. He was a historic resreacher who went with his son to the Himalayan Mountains as a trip.


Fudo was a tall man with short black hair, brown eyes, and a thin pencil moustache.


Professor Fudo was traveling in the Himalayan Mountains with his son Akira, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Makimura. The Makimuras headed back to the hotel first, leaving the Fudos following behind them. However, on the way, Akira slipped and fell down an icy slope. Professor Fudo made his way down to help his son, but the two were quickly surrounded and killed by Devilman, Rerasu, and Daruni.

These demons had been chosen by Zennon as candidates to take a host and infiltrate the human world. They battled to the death for the right to possess Akira's deceased body. After Devilman won and took over Akira's body, he buried the professor near the top of the mountain.[citation needed]