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Psycho Jenny is one of the leading figures in Satan's demon army alongside Zennon. She possesses incomparable psychic abilities, including manipulation of time and implanting fake memories into others. Jenny is an antagonist in the 'Devilman' manga, and has gone on to appear in many spin-offs and sequels.


Psycho Jenny has the form of a nude human female with an abnormally large head. In her early appearances, she is drawn with a normal lower torso and a headless neck sometimes protruding from her scalp, but later she appears to be a full cephalothorax, with her arms and legs growing directly from her head.

Psycho Jenny's eyes are large with hypnotic multicolored irises, and circling her head is long, untamed white hair. She is roughly human-sized in Devilman, but is several meters tall in Devilman Lady.

Psycho Jenny's haunting, ever-present smile is consistent across all depictions of the character.


Psycho Jenny carries an air of mystery. She very rarely speaks unless spoken to (and even then only telepathically), often just staring blankly. Unlike most demons, she doesn't appear to have any emotional investment in either the destruction of humanity or the war against God, and is only loyal to her master Satan, although she seems to find Satan's love for Akira Fudo slightly foolish.


Psycho Jenny is among the most powerful and intelligent of the demons. The true scope of her power is impossible to gauge, but she has demonstrated the following abilities among others: hypnosis in order to put people in trances and even implant fabricated memories, mind control to take command of a being, telekinesis powerful enough to create energy blasts, telepathy (which she uses to speak), and shape-shifting that varies depending on her appearances. She also is able to hide all traces of her existence from God's angels and jump in and out of reality with great ease.


At an unknown point before the beginning of the saga, Psycho Jenny wipes the memories of her Lord Satan, and replaces them with those of a recently deceased human boy named Ryo Asuka. This was done as a long term plan in order to allow for Satan to discover the key to discover human-kind's weakness, and bring about their downfall so that demon-kind can rule the earth once again. She also manipulates the memories of Ryo's father and friends to recognize him as the dead boy. Afterwards, Psycho Jenny creates a bizarre object named the Demon Mask which she leaves for Professor Asuka to deliberately discover and bring back to his home where he learns about demons, along with his "son".

Shortly after, Ryo and his best friend Akira Fudo attempt to merge with demons and become Devilmen in order to defend humanity. Whilst Akira successfully merges with the demon hero, Amon, Ryo fails to merge and is instead badly injured. As Akira carries his wounded friend to the hospital, Psycho Jenny awakens the slumbering devil Damudo to try and stop Fudo. This plan quickly falls apart however, as Damudo splits himself into four separate bodies, two of which quickly run across Fudo and are killed, while a third is killed by Sirene and the fourth goes about their own sinister business.

Jenny lays low after this, only reappearing when the demons are devastating Tokyo, after Zennon's announcement to the world. Fudo goes on a rampage, killing a good number of the demonic invaders, only to get stopped in his tracks by a pair of flashing eyes — Psycho Jenny's — which cause Akira to suffer a meltdown and completely lose consciousness. Psycho Jenny gloats that no matter how strong Devilman may be, he is no match for her psychic powers. However before she and her subordinates are able to kill him, they are stopped by General Zann, who informs that that Fudo was protected, per Satan's orders.

Later, after Ryo begins to regain traces of his past life, after seeing God's destruction of Russia, he rushes to his home to try and discover something in his fathers notes to help him, only to find the books empty and the Demon Mask to be a simple paper-mache sculpture. It is then that Ryo's home is bombarded by invading demons, led by Psycho Jenny, who approaches Ryo and restores his memories as the true Lord Satan.

Devilman Lady:[]

Psycho Jenny is briefly seen near the conclusion of the series, where she restores both Jun Fudo and Lan Asuka's memories as Satan and helps fuse them back together; she later helps in the final battle against God.


  • There is strong implication, which is effectively confirmed in the Gekiman! manga, that the illusions seen from the Demon Mask were false hallucinations conjured by Jenny.
  • The character, Psychovia, a Warrior Beast from Great Mazinger, is based on Psycho Jenny.
  • In Mazin Saga, a Bio-Beast with the same name and style of Psycho Jenny is seen near the end of the manga.
  • Psycho Jenny had a design made for the two OVA's directed by Umanosuke Iida, and even appeared on a promotional poster that was republished in the art book 'The Devilman'. Sadly however, she never appeared in either film, whether or not she was planned for appearing in later unmade installments is up to debate.
  • A figure of Jenny was planned in the cancelled Marmit Devilman line but was sadly cancelled.
    • She did however see a plastic incarnation in the later Fewture toy line, being released with several colour variations.
  • Psycho Jenny's design is rarely consistent between appearances, frequently being given a new look for each story.