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Psycho Jenny was an aide to Satan in CB Chara Go Nagai World. However, unlike her normal counterpart she was far friendlier and cute.


Psycho Jenny has a far more cute a toned down version of her original manga counterpart, she has large feminine eyes and a welcoming happy face. She has grey skin and stubby arms and legs covered mostly in her pink hair.

Powers and Abilities[]

She was capable of flight, teleportation and turning invisible. She could transfer the mind of soul of other into differnt people, e.g Amon into Akira.


Unlike other versions where she said very little, is a friendly and slightly ditzy demon. She admits that she had a crush on Satan, and later makes friends with Miki Makimura trying to find him.


Psycho Jenny first appears in her normal form where she sends Amon's consciousness into Akira Fudo's body, later in the Super Deformed world Jenny was watching over Ryo, although he only realized this later on. Ryo comments that out of everyone Jenny was the least deformed due to her already freakish proportions, he leaves Sirenes punishment for disobeying him up to Jenny to decide, before she leaves to do so she asks why he didn't turn into his Satan form, whilst accidentally admitting she fancied him.

Later it is revealed she accidentally placed Amon's soul into Kaim, much to Ryo's amusement, and in an odd twist he tells Jenny to make sure that they're happy together.

Later at the end of the third episode, Jenny teleports Miki Makimura to the world of Violence Jack and she demands to know were Ryo/Satan was, whilst Miki wanted to find Akira who had just left seconds before.