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Psycho Jenny in Devilman Crybaby
Psycho Jenny (サイコジェニー Saiko Jenī?) is one of the recurring demons in the Devilman franchise. Her exact role varies from series to series, but she always possesses immense psychic power. Most series have her as a follower of Satan.


Psycho Jenny (Manga): A powerful demoness who is responsible for placing the thoughts of Satan into the body of Ryo Asuka.
Psycho Jenny (Dynamic Heroes): Attacks Devilman with Sirene, but is quickly killed.
Psycho Jenny (Grimoire): A powerful psychic demon who worked for various Demon generals before being killed by Amon.
Psycho Jenny (Gekiman): Appears several times in the manga Gekiman with a slightly altered design.
Psycho Jenny (Amon): Jenny appears with a radically new design, serving as an aide to Satan.


Psycho Jenny (009 vs. Devilman): A demoness who appears in Ryo's house after the battle between Devilman and Atun, possibly to restore Ryo's true memories as Satan.
Psycho Jenny (Breakdown): She plays the role of secondary antagonist here, taking the form of a child named Mayumi.
Psycho Jenny (Crybaby): Satan's benefactor. She raised him after his banishment to Earth.
Psycho Jenny (TV): A demon who attempted to kill a large number of Japan's children.
Psycho Jenny (Amon OVA): One of Satan's followers, she watches happily as carnage fills the streets.
Psycho Jenny (CB Chara): A powerful demoness who is far friendlier and kinder, befriending Miki in the last episode.