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Psycho Jenny was a bizarre demoness with immense mental and psychic powers. She serves as a supporting antagonist in the semi-autobiographical 'Gekiman!' manga.


Psycho Jenny's most notable feature was her massive smiling face, with large eyes with detailed irises, pupils and long eyelashes. Her nose was large but flat. She had messy long hair around her head wrapping round their lower half. Their body was that of a female woman.


Jenny's abilities are always loosely defined. She can restore and remove memories, causes powerful psychic flashes capable of rendering foes unconscious or killing them, and could create hallucinations, as shown around the visions she conjured around the Demon Mask.



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  • While implied in the original manga, it is directly confirmed in 'Gekiman!' that Jenny was responsible for the visions seen when Ryo and Akira donned the Demon Mask.