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Psycho Jenny (サイコジェニー Saiko Jenī?) was the big-headed psychic demoness that served as Satan's right hand. While possibly having some out of screen influences on the events of the story, Jenny ultimately never appears in the films barring production artwork.


Psycho Jenny was a female demoness. She resembled a massive, mostly human female face with small sharp teeth while she had massive yellow eyes with red pupils and expressive eyelashes. She had a massive mane of long hair and human-like arms and legs sprouting from her head.


While never expressing her psychic ability, it can be inferred that the illusions caused by the Demon Mask that was donned by Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka, were a product of Jenny's illusions. Likewise, Akira's later nightmare of Zennon could also be a part of Jenny's magic.



  • Had the OVA series continued, it is likely she would have appeared in proper form.

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