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Psycho Jenny is a powerful psychic demoness and the main antagonist of the sixteenth episode of the original Devilman anime.


Jenny resembled a gigantic disembodied floating head with long, flowing maroon hair. She had light purple skin and yellow eyes. she could change her face into that of a beautiful woman but her real demon form was far more manic.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jenny was a powerful psychic demoness who was a master (Or rather mistress) of illusions, she could tangle people up in her hair and use it like whips.


Jenny was sadistic like many of the Demon Tribe, and took great pleasure in the suffering of children.


Jenny first appeared as a red shooting star which was only seen by children, later in the night any of the children who saw the star were visited by a beautiful woman who said that were her slaves, anyone who told anyone else of their peril would be engulfed in powerful flames.


A little while later Tare and Miho both say they have had problems sleeping recently, when Chiako hears this she tells them that she had also been having sleeping problems, and the three realize they had been having linked dreams. However Chiako notices her surroundings turn red and sees Jenny before who laughs at her and hypnotizes her into thinking she was on fire and sends her into a deep fever, Akira arrives as Chaiko is rushed to hospital however he overhears her mention something about the red flames.

In the night Jenny psychically controls all the children who had seen the red star and makes them gather together by a river side. She tells the children to walk into the water and drown themselves, they start to do so but she hears a laughing and sees Akira down at the riverside, when asked who he was he transforms and the two battle, at first she turns to giant size and attempts to devour him, but he escapes and uses his Devil Beam killing her and freeing the children from her control, her body hits the ground and disintegrates.