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Racavise was a reptilian demon that spent some time disguised as a human student named Kobayashi, attending the same school as Ryo Utsugi. He was a minor character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Racavise was a short, pot-bellied demon with thick skin with deep cracks spreading along his back and forehead. He had large eyes, pointed elf-like ears and sharp teeth.

As Kobayashi he was a plain looking and neat young man with well cut hair and thick black framed glasses.


Disguised as the human Kobayashi, Racavise attended a school and attempted to blend in among humanity. Unfortunately for him, fellow students and members of God's Association led by Sosuke Oshiba, saw through his disguise and brought him to the school's kendo dojo.

Ryo Utsugi, the human vassal for the dormant Demon Lord Dante, was brought to the dojo by Oshiba, who proceeded to beat the still human looking Racavise with his kendo sword, much to Utsugi's shock. Utsugi tried to step in, but was stopped by Oshiba as Racavise slowly started to transform back into his true demon-form, much to Utsugi's shock. After tiring of beating the demon, Oshiba brought out a penknife with the intent to carve into the demons skin. Utsugi leaves the dojo in disgust, where he is then confronted by the demoness, Medusa Gorgon, who asks why he didn't try to rescue Racavise.