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Rasber in Devilman

Rasber is a uncanny devil made entirely of living web. He first appeared as a unnamed entity that possessed Akira Fudo's classmates as a swarm of hive minded spiders. Initially this was assumed to be Zann in the original Devilman, though in a later revised edition of the story the story the spider are shown to be a part of Rasber. Due to his shifting appearance, later incarnations of the character play it loose with his looks.

  • Rasber (Manga): A web demon that attacked Akira Fudo at his school. he was sent by Demon General Zann.
  • Rasber (Grimoire): A large furred demon with arachnid elements in its design. It merges with Meriken-Jo who becomes a Devilman.
  • Rasber (Crybaby): Rasber makes a brief appearance here, with a almost squid like redesign.