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Reijiro Fudo (不動玲二郎 Fudō Reijirō?) was the late father of Akira Fudo as well the late husband of the late Kaori Fudo in the anime series Devilman Crybaby.

Physical Appearance[]

Reijiro was a medium build with light brown short hair. He had thick eyebrows while he had lighter brown colored eyes. After fusing with Jinmen, his facial features and hair became a part of the demon's own face, giving a nasty ghastly demonic look.


Reijiro was a funny man, that would frequently joke around and teased his son Akira. Reijiro also loved his wife and son very dearly, although in spite of his good heart he gave into cruel inhibitions when he let the influences of Jinmen affect his actions.


See Also Jinmen

After fusing with Jinmen he attained the demonic turtle with Jinmen's powers that were included a long sharp tail, large claws and a large toothy maw.


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