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Rokudo was the main antagonist from the MK 23 Woman story in Neo Devilman. He is a twisted and sadistic demon who hoped to absorb the powers of Kozuki Mami.


Rokudo was truly demonic in appearance. He had a large and muscular body with a skeletal appearance, the upper half of his head resembles a human skull with slanted pupils and markings along the top, the lower half was a giant mouth lined with sharpened fangs, at the back of his head were several jagged horns. He had six eyes across his body with at least one under every rib and a large mouth on his chest. His knees also had small moths and had spiked blades on his elbows.


Rokudo was feared even among the Demon Hunter squadrons, and rightfully so. He had near impenetrable skin, able to take a bullet at close range to the head and just shrug it off. He had sharp claws, an immense strength, and a large set of teeth, he could also transform his appearance to a human disguise.


Rokudo was sadistic and cruel, he loved the taste of human meat and would often devour his victims whole. He was however rather obsessive over the mysterious Kozuki Mami, thirsting for her strange powers. Rokudo obsessively watched over her, making her life a misery by absorbing her fiance into himself, or feeding her soup made from her parents flesh.


Shortly after the worldwide demonic invasion, Rokudo encountered the Mami family in the wreckage of a fallen building. He kills both of the parents but finds himself unable to kill the daughter of the family Kozuki upon sensing a unique power from her. After several failed attempts to either kill or fuse with her, Rokudo began to sense that she had a great power, so instead he kept her alive, feeding her on soup made of her parents flesh which she ate (not knowing it ingredients).

After several weeks, Kozuki was found by Shinichi, a member of the Demon Hunter Squad with Rokudou seemingly having disappeared. Afterwards, Kozuki got engaged to Shinichi and became a prominent Demon Hunter, not knowing that Rokudou was watching over her the entire time.


  • Rokudo in Japanese refers to the six planes of existence into which souls are reborn in the reincarnation cycle samsara.