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Ryibyi was a plant-like demon that served a minor role in the original 'Devilman' manga. He was among the many devils to attack Japan as a part of the deadly Tokyo Swarm


Ryibyi was a slightly hunched over humanoid devil, with large leaves covering the entirety of his body, leaving only his sunken eyes and sharp toothed mouth uncovered.


Ryibyi is shown briefly to be capable of flight. Otherwise his powers were probably rooted in his leafy design.


Ryibyi was a brash and violent demon, he detested Akira Fudo for obvious reasons, and showed enough courage to stand up against Demon General Zann, and even Zennon, when denied the chance to kill Fudo, but stood down when he learnt that the order came directly from Satan.


After Zennon had announced the forthcoming demon invasion across the world, it took only five minuets for a swarm of devils to begin descending down upon the cities of the world, killing and destroying all they could. Among these devils was Ryibyi, who joined in among the apocalyptic chaos that engulfed the world. 

In retaliation, Devilman goes out and combats the many demons on the streets of Tokyo. After a long fight, Devilman is finally brought to his knees by one of Psycho Jenny's mental attacks, rendering him unconscious. Afterwards Ryibyi, and many more demons come swarming around and begin planning vengeance, squabbling over who gets to take the kill, one even wanting to avenge Kaim. Ryibyi comes to the front and attempts to kill Akira, however the motion is swiftly stopped by the sudden appearance of Demon General Zann. He commands Ryibyi to cease his attack, Zann saying an order not to kill Akira was given out. However Ryibyi says he would gleefully ignore Zennon's order if it meant killing demon kind's greatest enemy. Ryibyi intentions are quenched however, when Zann reveals that the order came not from he or Zennon, but from Satan. 

Later he is seen among the group that swarm the Asuka residence when Ryo Asuka's true memories as Satan are returned by the demoness Psycho Jenny.