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Ryibyi in Devilman

The leaf covered devil known as Ryibyi is a minor recurring devil from the original Devilman manga. He has made multiple appearances across the franchise in small roles here and there.

  • Ryibyi (Manga): The leaf demon was a member of the Tokyo Swarm that assaulted Japan. He attempted to kill a vulnerable Akira Fudo, willing to go against Zann's orders but stopped when he learnt the command came from their lord Satan.
  • Ryibyi (Gekiman!): In a similar role as his original manga counterpart, Ryibyi tries and fails to kill Akira when ordered not to by Satan.
  • Ryibyi (Grimoire): An agent of the demoness Sirene, Ryibyi tries to capture the psychic Tsubasa Rainuma along with the pixie devil Irufuno, but only ends up dead.
  • Ryibyi (Crybaby): Ryibyi can be briefly seen alongside a cascade of devils, sitting bored as they await orders.