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The real Ryo Asuka was the son of Professor Asuka and an unnamed American woman. He died an unspecified amount of time before the start of the manga, and his identity is assumed by Satan. Ryo Asuka’s birthday is March 6.


Ryo Asuka was a half-Caucasian half-Japanese young man with short, well-kept blonde hair and blue eyes. He was an attractive young man with chiseled features as well as a broadened nose. Ryo was tall and healthy for his age, standing nearly the same height as his father. His style of dress was of formal casual including a collared shirt and khakis.


Little is known about the real Ryo. He was born during the 1960's on March 6, with his mother dying at some point in his childhood. When he was 17 years old, he lost his life in a car crash. Ryo is later referred to as the demons' first victim, so this "accident" may well have been planned in advance by the demon forces.

As part of the plan to take over the Earth, the demoness Psycho Jenny conspired with Satan to wipe the latter's memories and replace them with those of Ryo, modifying them slightly to suit their goal to infiltrate human society. So effective is Jenny's actions that Satan never suspects his true identity until he comes across a photo album showing a Ryo Asuka who he does not recognize as himself. He then reads about the real Ryo's death; during his ensuing identity crisis, a squadron of demons led by Psycho Jenny arrive, with Jenny restoring Satan's memories, setting the stage for the war to follow.


  • A character in Hikari Sentai Maskman would also bear the name Ryo Asuka.