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Ryoma Nagare is one of the main protagonists of the Getter Robo series. Nagare was the pilot of the Getter-1 and a protagonist in the crossover manga 'Devilman vs Getter Robo' and later sequel 'Demon Lord Dante VS Getter Robo G'.


Ryoma is a young man of average height and athletic build. He has messy short brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually seen dressed in a pilot suit issued by the Saotome Institute which is a full body suit along with a helmet with a clear visor.


Ryoma's physique allows him to pilot a Getter Machine for the Getter Robo to its limits. He is a decent fighter, able to fight back against a demon for a while with his fists alone until weapons were available. Ryoma possesses a powerful will that allows him to fight against impossible odds and resist the temptations that many would fall victim to such as his fusion with Dante.


Ryoma is a wild and hot-blooded young man willing to fight anything the world throws at him. He is also loyal to friends, not willing to give away secrets and is not easily swayed by outside forces.


Devilman vs Getter Robo[]

Ryoma and the rest of the Getter Team finish up yet another fight with a Mechasaurus with Ryoma teasing Michiru about her sudden launch while coming out of the shower. They receive a visit from Michiru's friend Miki Makimura and her guest Akira Fudo. Suddenly the Saotome Institute comes under attack by demons. Ryoma and the rest of the Getter Team fight off some of them while getting to the Getter Robo. In the scuffle they see Akira as his alter-ego Devilman. Keeping their word not to tell anyone, the Getter Team face off against demons combined with Mechasaurs. Once Sirene enters the fray, Devilman combines with the Getter Robo to combat her. The Getter Team are slightly fused with the machinery but manage to defeat the Mechasaurus body while Devilman manages to get Sirene to defuse. With the battle over, Ryoma and the rest of the Getter Team see Akira and Miki off.

Demon Lord Dante vs Getter Robo G[]

Some time after the battle with the Demon and Dinosaur Empire alliance, the Getter Team upgrades to a new Saotome Institute and the stronger Getter Robo G. While out testing the Getter Dragon formation, the Getter Team encounters a ritual used by cultists in an attempt to summon the Demon Lord, Dante. Interrupting the ritual caused Ryoma to become fused with the Dante body while the intended fusee Ryo Utsugi is cast away.