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Ryuu Kasuka was a young Devilman from M City and a guitarist for The Flyers, alongside Kira Udoa and their drummer Rokurou Ozu. He is the main protagonist of the manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'.


As a human, Ryuu was a lean young man with dark shaggy-moddish hair and often casual baggy clothing. His Devilman form added several feet in height and a lot of malformed muscle. He had a large spiked crest above his shoulder blades and an almost insect-like Armour across his body, which had several spikes protruding from it. He had a shelled head with horns at the back and tiny eyes just beneath the shell. Tiny mandibles covered each side of his mouth. His right arm was tipped in a large crab-like claw.



Ryuu was extremely strong physically, but held his real money shot with his crab claw arm, which could fire off a highly powerful bolt of energy, capable of killing a strong demon like Jinmen in a single shot.


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