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The SX Project was a secret project conducted by the God’s Association to create artificial demons for the two fold purpose of fighting the real demons and bolstering a fear of demons in the public eye. The project was headed by Kosuke Utsugi in the Demon Lord Dante anime.


The products of the SX Project varied slightly in appearance, but all of them were cycloptic, had elongated skulls, long arms and legs, exoskeletal plating and fur, from SX-2 onwards all SX Demons had a small camera embedded in their foreheads.

The first prototype, SX-1, had a light grey exoskeleton covering its chest, back, forearms and legs, with the rest of their body covered in fur. The second prototype, SX-2, was similar, but their exoskeleton was orange. What was presumably the final product had a second outer row of teeth, a dark green exoskeleton with white fur on the forearms, a dorsal fin, two plates that formed large shoulder pads, and a second smaller pair of arms.


As the anime kicks off, its shown that a SX-1 went rogue during a field test and started to attack women at random and eating their hearts; one of the victims being a classmate of Ryo Utsugi and Sosuke Oshiba, Akane Nando. These events were recorded and eventually transmitted to Ryo Utsugi via visions, peaking his curiousity of demons and thus setting up a chain of events within the anime. SX-1 is briefly seen in the second episode after Ryo checked in on his sister Saori. Shortly after the first black mass the God’s Association was shown to have recaptured SX-1 and was being examined by Kosuke Utsugi and two of his assistants. While one of the assistants had suggested that they should terminate the creature and start over Kosuke insisted on transplanting the brain into an new body, which resulted in the birth of SX-2.

While still being worked on in the lab SX-2 was found by Sosuke, who it growled at but was quelled from any further hostility by Kosuke. Once SX-2 was complete Kosuke Utsugi took Sosuke with him to observe it in the field.

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