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The Sabbath Clubbers, described by Ryo Asuka as a human low-life, the thrill seeking hippies and societal degenerates were a perfect sacrifice to earn the attention of demons at a underground Black Sabbath party held in Ryo's spacious basement.


Ryo Asuka arranged the Sabbath when he invited a large group of hippies, perverts, and general social drop outs to a party at his home. Later he brings his friend Akira Fudo to the Sabbath with the intention for them to both become Devilmen. Needing only to spill blood Ryo sets about killing his guests, until they start to fight back and both Ryo and Akira begin to get beaten themselves.

Luckily for the duo, however, the demons began to fuse with the guests, starting with the female demoness Welvath. Slowly more guests are transformed until a large majority have turned. After feeling little to no effect, Akira is suddenly grabbed by Wagreb. The fear he feels from this allows him to abandon his sense of reason temporarily, thus allowing him to fuse with the mighty demon named Amon. However his pure heart successfully dominates that of Amon's and he becomes the Devilman. with his newly obtained powers, Akira then slaughters the demons and rescues Ryo, albeit the latter was left in critical condition. Any of the clubbers who didn't merge with a demon, were killed violently in the battle.

The following day, the corpses of both the demons and the clubbers were discovered by police detectives Tamon and Hyuga.