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Sabbath Parties (サバトパーティー Sabato Pātīs?) were underground rave movements depicted in Devilman Crybaby. Being particularly popular among Japan's wealthy and disenfranchised, Sabbath Parties would involve illicit drugs as well as sexual orgies and dubstep dance music. Inadvertently, Sabbaths serve as honing points for the Demons.


The Sabbath Parties were the latest popular trend among the wealthy and dissatisfied individuals of Japan: Underground rave parties with an occult aesthetic.

When Ryo Asuka took Akira Fudo into in a dilapidated old church, with the intention of fusing with demons. It went about as well as could be expected and most partygoers ended up being possessed by a demon or slaughtered by one.

Several nights later, Miki Kuroda and Kukun would later went to another Sabbath Party, sadly however Kukun was killed off by the demon Aleda and Miki fused with a unnamed demon later becoming a Devilman.

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