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Saias was a somewhat arrogant member of the Sirene Tribe that was briefly seen in Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman


Saias has a near exact same appearance as the other Sirene, the only noticeable difference being several long spiked feathers around her head.

Powers and Abilities[]

Saias can fly in a straight line at great speeds and attack with her claws, but has little agility which prevents maneuvers.


Saias was shown to be very reckless and over-confident of her power, and would ignore her leader's order just to show off.


She is seen alongside a large attack squad of the Sirene race led by her friend Sheena, as a pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex come to try and destroy the Sirene tribe. The squad single out one of the Tyrannosaurus and rip out its eyes, Saias cockily tells Sheena that she could take the next Dinosaur on her own. Sheena begs her not to be so foolish but Saias ignores her and goes in for the kill, only to be hit by the Tyrannosaur's tail knocking her from the sky and crashing to the ground dying on impact.