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Kamishiro Kei and Amon[]

All forms[]

Transformation [1]

I’m Kamishiro kei! I work here at let’s part time
— Kamishiro kei

|-|Transformation 2=[2]

— Amon

|-|Transformation 3=[3]

The Advent of the Beast God!
— Devilman

|-|Transformation 4=[4]

In the midst of all that pain, Amon reached out, And for the first time, A friend was there for him
— Author


The ruler of the demon world Zenon gives the order to kill the humans. One of the four heavenly demons Amon however did not view humanity to be as weak as the others believed. This caused unease within the rest of the ranks and Amon escaped them before encountering a junior high student named Kei Kamishiro. The two made an agreement to work together by fusing together as the new identity Devilman.

Name:Kei Kamishiro, Amon, Devilman

Origin:Devilman, Toshin Devilman


Age:15 years old, Unknown

Classification: Human, Demon, Devilman

Powers and Abilities: Flight, Multiple Selves, Peak Human Physical Characteristics (Kei survived getting An arm through the chest), Regeneration, Bodily Weaponry, Blood Manipulation, Energy Projection, Extrasensory Perception (Sensed he was being watched from the demon realm which resides at the edge of space), Transformation, Soul Manipulation (Devilman’s left arm can purify souls who died a regretful death and can also use their souls as a weapon), Weather Manipulation (Summoned a storm when transforming), Sound Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Fear Manipulation (Can eat a cluster made of human terror called “somedark”), Forcefield Creation, Body Control, Fire Manipulation, Fusionism, Shapeshifting, Unholy Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Telepathy, Portal Creation, Resistance to Sealing (Resisted Badaki’s power sealing thread), Empathic Manipulation

Attack Potency: Street level (Caused a cave in that destroyed the ground above), Small building level (Several low tier demons were able to destroy a plane and Amon is ranked higher than them here), Building level (After Merging with Cerberus they shot Himuka who is bigger than several buildings), City block level (One shots The demon castle which destroyed a city block itself), At least City level (Summoned a storm by transforming])

Speed: Subsonic (moves faster Than the eye can see), Possibly faster with “Devil bullet”, At least Subsonic+ (Is on par with sirene and Amon himself is surprised at how fast she is even after 3 on screen battles), Possibly Transonic (Amon kept up with a Sirene who was pushed to her bodies limit and Kei body blocked her claw), Possibly Supersonic (Can Create supersonic waves with his wings, Possibly faster due to True Devilman and Advent of the Beast king forms

Lifting Strength: Below average human before fusing with Amon (Couldn’t lift up a child in a wheelchair), Superhuman after fusing with Amon

Striking Strength: Street level (His punches hurt Gaiki who dug a cave underground), Likely small building level | At least Building level

Durability: City block level | Possibly city level (Was struck by the storm he summoned and was unaffected)

Stamina: Superhuman (Kei survived an attack from lesser demons and a hole in the chest from silene), Infinite (As Devilman Kei and Amon can take blows that should be beyond fatal and continue fighting)

Range: Hundreds of meters (Devilman has long range Energy blast attacks that cover different radiuses)

Standard Equipment: Claws, Weaponized left arm, Bodily weaponry

Intelligence: Below Average (Kei is only 15 years old) | Average (Amon’s age is never revealed but he seems to have an Average intelligence)

Feats: Detected Virfe’s gaze All the way from the demon world which resides on the edge of space

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Devil arrow

Devil beam

Devil bullet

Devil wave

Devil cutter

Shamanic fire


Detecting Virfe while his presence was completely hidden

Sensed his friend was in Danger without knowing her location

Virfe stated he needed Devilman’s zomedark/Somedark(Fear energy) to rule over the demon world. There’s no explanation as to how or why since the story ends after this last chapter.