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Saki Mikimura is a major character from the manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'. She was a devilman and the sister of Makippe Mikimura and in a quiet romantic relationship with Ozu Rokurou.


Saki is a girl in her late teens with long dark hair. She is always shown wearing a blanket to cover up the demonic lower part of her body. When she does finally show her true form her legs transform into a gigantic mass of thorny vines, a large rose and a hidden mouth lined with teeth.


Saki's lower body is either made out of or covered in a mass of plant-like vines, which she has problems controlling.


Saki was a quiet and timid girl, she had a romantic relationship with Ozuroku loving the music of his band 'The Flyers'. She cared deeply for her sister Makippe, who served as her primary caregiver after a car accident left her 'wounded' and parents dead, and quickly grew to care for the young girl they take in, Maako, despite usually very frightened of people she did not know well.


At an unknown time, she fused with an unnamed demon becoming a Devilmen. She has little or no control over her transformation and as result she has spent her time since the incident confined to her and her sister's home.

She develops a romance with the human Ozuroku and enjoys his drumming for his band The Flyers. She makes friends with the young girl Maako that her sister takes in when her mother is eaten by Jinmen. Later on, she is confronted by the Demon Special Investigation Corps. They question and attempt to get her to transform into her true form so they could shoot her, Ozuroku however runs in and stands between them. This is followed by Kira Udoa who watches in the garden, Ozuroku attempts to talk sense with the Corps Officers, however they recognize him as being a possible demon and they all open fire on him hitting him full force with bullets and he dies in Saki arms, distraught with rage she fully embraces her Devilman form and tries to strike back at the Corps Officers, however it proves ineffective and she too is shot to death without compassion.