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Saori Utsugi is the adopted sister and main love interest of Ryo Utsugi in Demon Lord Dante.


She is a fifteen year-old girl with dark brown hair that is short with hair standing slightly upright. She is about the average height of a girl her age with a busty figure.


Saori, being the younger sister, is very attached and dependent on Ryo (with their mother commenting that she would always cry whenever he wasn't around). After being rescued by Ryo from being sacrificed by the Satanists, she begins to develop a more dependent and trusting relationship to her brother.

With the demon attacks commencing around her and fearing for her and Ryo's life, Saori decides to take whatever means necessary to protect them. Unfortunately, she is unable to tell who the real enemy is and ends up becoming a pawn in God's schemes. In this state, Saori is helpless when she and Ryo are forced into battle.


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  • She is loosely based on the character Aya Utsugi and an unnamed christian girl from the original manga, however, in the manga, Aya and Ryo are blood related.
  • At the end of the anime's second episode, Saori whispers the words "I love you" to Ryo. This is an allusion to the Devilman anime as the titular character says the exact same words to Miki at the end of the series. Also, it should be noted that both scenes take place while on a motorcycle and were shown at the end of their respective episodes.