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Satan is a major antagonist in the animated film, 'Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman'. He is responsible for the events leading to Miki Makimura's death and Amon's take over of Akira Fudo's body.


In the film, Satan's human design has a very sharp look, while his Angel form looses the glowing white appearance for a more human appearance, retaining his blond hair and human skin, but also keeps the twelve wings all over his body. While in human form, Ryo dresses in a white business suit with matching pants, a pink undershirt, brown shoes and wears a cross around his neck.


Satan was shown to be able to levitate and fly with his wings and cold fire powerful rays of energy from his hands.


Satan had a misguided sense of justice, he hated his own race, the Angels, for trying to wipe out the demon race simply due to finding them impure. However after he awoke from his hibernation to see what humans had done to the world, he became like those he hated. He also cared deeply for his friend Akira Fudo and whilst it is never explicitly said, it is clear that during the events of the film, Satan has now fallen in love with him.


The events of the story take place after humanity was made aware of the existence of demons, resulting in mass paranoia and demon hunts. At this point in the story Ryo became aware of his true identity and went on to further his plans for human genocide. He participates in a live broadcast where he delivers false information surrounding demons, and even omits entirely the difference between them and devilmen. More so, he shows the footage of the Black Sabbath where Akira transforms into a demon after suffering a nervous breakdown, thus fueling the misconception that any human being with past aggression would turn into a demon. As a result, people begin killing each other in mass on the streets while Miki Makimura and her brother are killed in their home by a mob. Ryo transforms back into his angel form and watches how Akira embraces Miki's severed head after having slaughtered the mob in retaliation.

Satan is then visited by Amon the following morning. Having seemingly taken over Devilman's body, Amon comes to murder Satan as vengeance for having trapped him inside Akira. But, Satan reveals that Akira had not faded away, his spirit was still fighting over dominion of his mind and body and even further encourages him to take back his body from Amon. After Akira regains control of his body, he and Satan have a final confrontation at Miki's grave, where neither of them exchange any words as Akira walks away with a look of anger on his face.