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Satan is the primary antagonist of the three part series CB Chara Go Nagai World.


Satan is a chibified version of his OVA incarnation. As Ryo Asuka, he wore stylish clothing consisting of a striped blue sweater, beige pants and matching long rain jacket. In his real form, he had twelve white wings, six large ones on his back, two smaller wings on his feet, two on his head and two more on his arms. In this form Satan was intersex.

Powers and Abilities[]

Satan possessed a great and vast range of powers, even as Ryo he was an expert survivalist and fighter. He is able to fly with his wings and could fire powerful bolts of light from his hands capable of causing widespread destruction. He also had various psychic abilities being able to manipulate those around him.


Satan has a very serious and intense personality, but sometimes shows a more comic and silly side. He tends to shoot anyone who offends him with his shotgun in his Ryo Asuka form, which shows his homicidal tendencies.